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Many ministries provide either counseling or deliverance. Myrtle Ministries provides a unique, three pillar approach to inner healing by combining counseling to address trauma, wounding and negative life patterns, with spiritual warfare to address bondage, together with a strong discipleship component.

Through our teaching ministry, we also work to educate believers in effective and powerful spiritual warfare according to the biblical model, which has largely been sanitized from or diluted in many congregations, for both greater individual freedom and in order to be equipped for powerful ministry.

Our Goal

We are called to equip and empower the remnant to be effective in the last days. We can't be effective for kingdom work, nor can we experience the fullness of the relationship with Jesus that is available to us, if we are bound by destructive patterns, trauma, and spiritual oppression. We work to minister the mercy and power of Yeshua Jesus to bring freedom from bondage and to move into deeper relationship with the Savior of our souls, so that we can boldly take back the territory the enemy has stolen.


Inner Healing


We can't move forward in life or in ministry if we are bound by the past. Counseling enables us to address wounds and discover veiled origins of pain, trauma, and negative life patterns.

Spiritual Warfare


As we prayerfully address past trauma and uncover the root sources of pain and negative life patterns, with the power and direction of the Holy Spirit we break any bondage as it is revealed.



Our ministry is based on a strong discipleship model. We walk alongside you as you learn to break bondage and walk in power, love, and a sound mind: for life. It also equips you to be used in ministry to others.

Myrtle Has Meaning

Our Name

"Myrtle", hadas, הֲדַס in Hebrew, is a flowering tree native to Israel. The Hebrew letters are:

Hey - "behold; reveal", 

Dalet - "pathway to enter", and

Samech - "to support". 

We feel this is a beautiful representation of our ministry goals. Myrtle is a symbol of peace and joy, is one of the four plants used to build a sukkah during the Feast of Tabernacles, and the blooms have a sweet fragrance that has been used for millennia to craft perfume. It is also a root form of Queen Esther's Hebrew name, Hadassah, הֲדַסָּה , which also means myrtle.


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