What We Do

How does it work?

Myrtle Ministries is not a ministry for standard counseling such as Marriage & Family, even though those things do play a part in what we do.

We specialize in spiritual warfare in a three-pillar model with inner healing and discipleship, to women and married couples. We do not work with single men in individual, in-person ministry at this time. Groups and/or online training are considered.

  • Have you noticed an odd pattern with sickness through your family line?
  • Have you encountered odd or unusual adversity that seems to never end?
  • When Ephesians 6:10-18 talks about the armor of God, do you assume it is something someone else does on your behalf?
  • Do you at times feel as though thoughts come to your mind from somewhere else other than yourself?

We work with clients who strongly desire a deeper relationship with Yeshua Jesus but have some challenges that have held them back such as trauma that seems to never fully heal, anxiety that prevents them from accomplishing spiritual goals, or even supernatural attack.

Since spiritual warfare is the call upon every mature believer according to scripture but the teaching has been removed from most pulpits, most believers no longer have the tools to battle effectively against the dark forces that never tire from plotting torment for the human race.

Many ministries offer either counseling or deliverance. If you go for biblical counseling without the deliverance you may work through a life issue but the spiritual warfare attached to it is never addressed, which can limit healing or make the results temporary. If you go to a deliverance ministry and break spiritual bondage but never utilize counseling to address the negative life patterns that opened the spiritual doors in the first place, you are open to worse attack. (Luke 11:24-26)

In addition, if the counselors of either type of ministry do the work for you or don't provide discipleship, the client leaves without being empowered with the tools to never again be in bondage.

This is an intense process, quite literally akin to spiritual boot camp. A commitment of time, energy, and intent is required. We can't do the work for you, we walk alongside you while you learn to do it for yourself.

Even though it may be surprising to some, breaking spiritual bondage is actually the easy part. It is the restructuring, the sifting, removing negative life patterns and replacing them with God-honoring patterns that is the most challenging. That is where the counseling and the discipleship really comes in and is the game-changer for a life lived in freedom.

In our view, any of the three pillars alone is incomplete and even two do not have the strength of three; the three-stranded cord is not easily broken, Eccl 4:12.

With the Holy Spirit in complete control we: 

  • use our tools and gifting to minister healing, 
  • empower you with real skills as we together break the bondage that held you back, and
  • utilize discipleship so you learn to effectively use those tools. 

You leave the process: 

  • with spiritual warfare muscles that have been strengthened and exercised, 
  • ready to walk your spiritual path in power, love and sound mind, 
  • less likely to ever be trapped in bondage again, and 
  • more equipped to minister freedom to individuals or groups.

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Education & Associations

Myrtle Ministries is a biblically-based counseling ministry holding a diploma in biblical counseling with a special emphasis in trauma. We have studied with multiple other ministries specializing in spiritual warfare to avoid the trap of a very narrow view of the subject. We also have decades of experience in spiritual warfare research and ministry. 

Light University - Diploma in Biblical Counseling with an emphasis in crisis and trauma.

AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors) - Member in good standing.

Resurrected Life Ministries (RLM) - Taught by renowned ministry leader, Molly Sutherland. In-person training in Pasadena, CA. Four of five levels completed and chosen for regional leadership in 2013.

Shatter The Darkness; Russ Dizdar. Classes completed:

  • Spiritual Warfare 1 & 2 (23 modules)
  • Spiritual Warfare Basics (7 modules) 
  • Strategic Focused Prayer & Spiritual Warfare (2 modules)
  • Theocentric Counseling (13 modules)
  • Freedom Encounters (31 modules)
  • How to Get Free From Dark Spirits (1 module)
  • In-Person Seminars and Training, 2016

Dr. Walter Martin - In-person classes on spiritual warfare, theology, and comparative religion. 1978-1980

Dr. Mickey Bonner - Prayer is Warfare conference. 1990

As You Go Ministries - Part one, three-day conference, part two, one-day conference. 2015, 2016

Our spiritual mentor was in deliverance ministry for over 20 years, a speaker at Women of Faith conferences, and a guest on nationally syndicated Christian radio programs.


Important Information

What We Don't Do, Disclaimer & Confidentiality

We are not licensed psychologists, psychiatrists or medical doctors. We cannot diagnose medical conditions or assist you with medical prescriptions. We do not provide emergency care. We are a biblically based counseling and teaching ministry.

Under no circumstances will you hold any representative of Myrtle Ministries responsible for any kind of benefit or detriment you may experience during or as a result of this process.

You understand no monies are to be paid to Myrtle Ministries for this service. Myrtle Ministries does not charge fees for this ministry. Donations, however, are appreciated and accepted. 

Client confidentiality is vital for healing and for minsitry integrity. It is guaranteed except where required by law.



**Our recommendation of these resources does not mean that we agree with everything these teachers and authors present.**

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