What Our Clients Say

Thank You Notes

Life Changing

It's not just the prayer that has been so valuable. Your counsel and insight has been right on and life changing.

-Male, 50s


I'm very familiar with spiritual warfare but this is the most balanced approach I've ever seen.

-Male, 40s

Whole Pieces & Prayer

You teach me whole pieces of information not bits. This deliverance process has made my prayers more effective.

-Female, 60s


When I saw the other counselor last week she asked if I wanted to keep seeing her; I said no. I've made more progress with Myrtle Ministries in 4 visits than I made with her in 3 months.
-Female, 50s

Changing Hearts

This ministry has dramatically touched our lives. It has opened our eyes to the spiritual realm and the demonic forces that have twisted, deceived and robbed us from every spiritual blessing in Christ. It has not only opened our eyes, it has changed our hearts. It has opened new doors for ministry and given us more power in prayer.

-Couple, 50s


Thank you for obeying G_d in this most necessary calling.
-Female, 40s

Learning From War

The inner healing process not only opened my eyes TO the battle but how to fight IN the battle. I learned that there was territory that had been stolen and must be reclaimed. I never knew what it felt like to have a quiet mind. For as long as I could remember, my mind had always been so noisy, filled with thoughts I knew were not my own, and racing many different directions often times even contradicting itself. I could now actually think for myself, hear God much more clearly, and experience true Shalom!
-Male, early 20s

Jericho Walls

The walls are finally coming down!
-Female, 60s

Now I See

If you had asked me what deliverance was a year ago, I would have given the typical Christian answer, "Demons can't be IN me, so there is nothing to deliver." I can't say I even knew what a demon truly was back then. Today, I understand that definition. I understand the voice that likes to talk in my head. I understand when that voice is the Holy Spirit and when it is not. I see now the glimmer of the great and wonderful things that G_d has in store for me.

  • I realized I had bonds to people that had never been broken.
  • I realized I had cursed myself over and over through my life.
  • I realized that shalom is something I had never truly experienced before.
  • I realized what inner-healing means.
  • I realized I have the power through Yeshua to battle all this...that it doesn't have control over me.
  • I realized what it means to put on and wear the armor of God.

-Female, 30s 


When needed, I've gone to faith-based counselors from time-to-time, but nothing has given me true insights and changed me as much as Myrtle Ministries. It has given me opportunities to know how and when to set boundaries, taught me to to not blame myself and feel responsible for others actions, and allowed me to feel totally free of negative things spoken over me. Now I am able to live in the shalom of Yeshua. 

-Female, 60s

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