Where do you provide service?

For our counseling ministry, we work with clients nationwide using teleconferencing technology on a computer. We evaluate the possibility of working with clients internationally on an individual basis, based on costs, practicality, and availability. For additional questions on in-person or teleconferencing counseling, please Contact Us.

For our teaching ministry, we can schedule in-person conferences anywhere. Please Contact Us with your questions and speaking requests.

How long does it take to complete the process?

It varies depending on: the challenges the client is facing, the client's dedication to the process, the client's willingness to receive the guidance of the holy spirit, and the timing of the holy spirit. Usually there are more issues that need to be addressed than the client realizes when they begin the process. Expect at least three months, meeting once a week, but it is usually longer.

How often do you meet with the client?

Typically, we meet with a client once a week during the general part of the program. It is possible, however, even in a typical case, that during certain phases where we are addressing some dark spiritual influences that communication is needed once or twice throughout the week by phone and/or email. 

How long is each appointment?

We schedule 50 minutes for each session, though sometimes the holy spirit brings up an issue that causes a little overtime. 

Do you diagnose psychological conditions?

We are not a psychological counseling center and do not provide psychological diagnoses, nor do we provide or recommend medications. 

Do you deal with deliverance?

Yes, we do. There is a great amount of misinformation about deliverance. For our ministry, it is just a part of the overall healing process. This is an intense process and you are doing the work with guidance from an experienced ministry team. As we walk with the client using our three pillar model, the bondage and/or oppression will be uncovered. We deal with them as they are revealed in G_d's perfect time. G_d always wins! 

What is the profile of the client you serve?

 Our clients are committed, strong believers. We work with women and at times married couples. We do not work with unmarried men in the in-person, individual counseling part of ministry at this time. Teams or groups are considered. Our clients may have experienced things such as: 

  • spiritual oppression that they have been unable to break.
  • years of battling without complete victory or with no success at all.
  • trauma, past or recent, that they have never resolved. They may be experiencing a worsening of the bondage or new symptoms associated with the events. 
  • supernatural events they cannot explain and have no one to talk with in a Christian setting.
  • no support service available in their congregations for spiritual warfare. If there is some support service area it is usually conventional counseling which does not address the spiritual bondage or the connections between the two. Often they know they cannot speak of such things in their congregations.
  • searching for help, often for years.

Our clients are willing to do whatever the holy spirit leads us to do in order to end the struggle or the outright torment they have endured.

Many of our clients were taught a dark spiritual influence could not be in the life of a believer. This only adds to their burden as they are stuck in a place between what their pastor tells them and what they are experiencing in reality. There is a tremendous amount of spiritual conflict, shame and stress due to no support and no avenue for resolution. They are forced to look elsewhere for help.

By the time the process is over clients are amazed and comment how they never believed this could be true.

Standard psychotherapy can be problematic, meds have real dangers and only mask the problem, and the rarity of a powerful, biblically based ministry that addresses all three aspects of bondage is difficult to find. Due to the increasing demand for spiritual warfare and/or deliverance ministry, combined with the small percentage of biblically based ministries providing the service, the waiting list at reliable ministries can often be six months or more. 

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